Never Satisfied

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I am Michelle and I live in Baltimore, Maryland. I started this blog for myself (and actually have followers! You guys and gals rock). I wanted to post pics to inspire me to be healthy and active, and my blog is what it is today.I am a college student with title background, hoping to do something in medical field. I was addicted to sugar and Chick-Fil-A and never made sure I was eating properly. I've suffered from depression, fatigue, drug addictions, and maybe just being a little odd and random (special) and I hear I am funny at times. I am interested in my personal fitness, learning yoga, finding happiness, I am a certified open water diver (would love to advance it), beginner belly dancer. I don't own any of the pictures I reblog but all other photos are from my iPhone or otherwise stated. I am participating in the Vegan Living Program 2014 vegan pledge! I share my experiences, strengths and hopes. Thanks for stopping by!